Research Themes

View the Research Policy here. [PDF:1038KB]

Monitoring and Surveillance – research theme 1

  • Establishing Aboriginal primary care clinical and behavioural surveillance network (ATLAS – read more)
  • Estimating the prevalence of trichomonas and genitalium in communities because both infections are implicated as co-factors in HIV transmission
  • Understanding methamphetamine use and injecting behavior because of its significant association with increased risk of STIs and HIV.

Clinical Audits and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) for STIs – research theme 2

  • Expanding CQI to improve STI protocol
  • Expanding current CQI programs to include a focus on male health
  • Developing a CQI program focused on pelvic inflammatory disease
  • CQI project for hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus.

Improving Biomedical Interventions – research theme 3

  • Trialing patient delivered partner therapy strategies for STIs
  • Implementing STI Point of Care (POC) technology in regional and urban communities
  • Using POC technology to reduce trichomonas
  • Trialing polyurethane condoms compared to latex condoms
  • Understanding STI transmission dynamics.